Back in Tanzania!

US Break

Had a great one-month leave in the US. Got to see lots of friends and family, see snow, indulge in foods and cinemas and holidays, check out teaching career options, etc. Based on the sheer pervasive volume of technology and man-made creations in American cities, I’ve concluded that America is science fiction. So if you like science fiction and you’re living in America, congratulations.

Coming Back

My trip back to Tanzania was uneventful. One flight from Portland to Amsterdam and a second from Amsterdam to Dar Es Salaam, stopping at Kilimanjaro International Airport on the way. Saw a really fun movie on the Amsterdam->Dar flight. (The movie was “Brave”, about medieval Scottish people doing awesome medieval Scottish things.)

Dar Es Salaam

When I got back to Tanzania, I checked into the PCV-preferred hotel in Dar and set to work making arrangements for traveling to my new site and starting my new work. I ended up staying there and making those arrangements for about a week. The hotel I was staying at is in a really cool part of Dar, with a lot of folks of Indian descent and as a result several Hindu temples and many wonderful Indian restaurants that are affordable on a PCV’s per-diem, so I greatly enjoyed that.


I’ve now gotten down to Mtwara town, which is not where I’ll be living, but it is the capital city of the region that my new town is in. My house is not ready for me (I’ve been told it should be ready by the end of this week, but I won’t be surprised if it isn’t), and the installation of computers at the schools has been delayed, which means the teacher training has been delayed. So for now I’m living out of a hotel in Mtwara and looking for something productive to do. Very typical Peace Corps third-year extension stuff!

It’s very tropical here, very warm, very sunny, lots of coconut trees. The hotel I’m at is a nice little church-run guest house that is right on the Indian Ocean. You walk out the door and take 50 steps and your feet are wet. It is beautiful and peaceful and I’m really enjoying it. There’s an even more beautiful spot just up the beach with a tourist hotel & restaurant whose food I can’t afford, but I can just chill there with a soda, which is what I’m doing as I write this. I’m about 20 steps from wet feet right now, writing this, enjoying the ambiance, watching a ship sailing out to sea. Peace Corps is really tough sometimes.


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